Guide to custom Angular Schematics

Rationale behind using Schematics

What the heck is Schematics, after all?

Creating a new Schematic

npm install -g @angular-devkit/schematics-cli
schematics blank --name=angular-schematics
  • collection.json is like an index of the schematics in this project. It links the name of each schematic with the code that runs it.
  • sample-schematics-project/index.ts is the code run by our schematic.
"scripts": {
"build": "tsc -p tsconfig.json",
"watch": "tsc -p tsconfig.json --watch",


Getting User Input

  1. String
  2. Number
  3. Boolean
  4. enum
Asking for user input

Calling “ng new” Schematic

Calling ng new schematic

Calling a custom Schematic and creating custom rules

Update package.json

Read package.json
Updating package.json

Run the Schematic

schematics ./new-project/src/collection.json:angular-schematic new-app

Publish our Schematic




Web Developer, loves to write about UI technologies

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Anjali Verma

Anjali Verma

Web Developer, loves to write about UI technologies

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